« Where Grace and Love the soul. Heart Beat Soul !
Grace Love is a dynamic soul artist, Activist, Chef and Writer. »


« My name is Grace Love- my history is that one of a starving
artist. I have been doing what I do for about 15 years. I started performing professionally in 2006 when I did my first musical. As of today I have done roughly 1000 shows. Music is at the center of my abilities yet there is so much I want to offer to the world »
Grace Love, the author and composer, is an award-winning musical artist. She was raised on soul music, southern food and stories about the south. She grew up in Tacoma, which infused her R&B melodies with grit and grunge. Love grew up watching her mother sing in the church choir in Memphis. She knew she had an affinity for performing when at just four years old she was asked to sing “This Little Light of Mine” in front of the congregation. Love’s mother attempted to escort her daughter on stage, perhaps in anticipation of her being nervous. Little did she know, Love was made for the stage.
« I have played with Melissa Etheridge, sat in with the California Honeydrops while on tour with Bonnie Raitt, and have been humbled by Quincy Jones sitting and enjoying my set. I feel most grounded in the Pacific Northwest and have been here a large majority of my life. »

When you just close your eyes and listen to Grace Love & the True Loves, what Soul music ‘IS’ suddenly becomes crystal clear. …and when you open your eyes you’ll see that SOUL MUSIC is happening in Seattle right now.